Monday, June 6, 2011

another year, happy 8th anniversary darling....

Dear Hubby....

we have walked long together
on this journey of life
we have shared joy and trouble
each day is such a blessing
when I share that day with U
I am more than even thankful
for the day U said 'aku terima nikahnya'

may every hour of everyday
be blessed with a shining gift of joy
a dream to share together
a memory that's forever
a promise that the best is yet to come

can't tell the amount of happiness
U have brought into my life
U are everything to me
U make me happy
U make me cry
I am lucky that
U the part of my life

our anniversary means a lot
much more than any another day
I celebrate my love for U
and cherish U in every way
through passing time
our love still grows
our life together gets better and better
and I keep on loving U more and more......


  1. salam syawal utk Zura
    hari tu ada komen nak sampul raya kan?
    oh mmg buat koleksi sampul raya ke?
    bagi alamat ye nanti saya pos kan
    awak tggl alamat kat kotak komen'
    saya janji x publish komen tu ye

  2. Boleh je nak swap sampul duit raya. Awk dah dapat sampul dari mana

  3. Zura nanti bagi add ye. Nanti akk pos sampul duit raya tu. Kita exchange ye.


Usha-meng'usha' :D